Moncler Gui Gilet - Navy

Moncler Gui Gilet - Navy

Moncler Gui Gilet - Dark Green

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The Gui style gilet vest is a contemporary twist on an a number of original Moncler classics. The vest is inspired by some of the most famous quilted jackets from historic collections, delivered in an ultra lightweight version, perfect for every season of a metropolitan lifestyle!
The Gui is primarily created using slick lightweight materials that encase a strong down quilting. The jacket provides great protection both through winter and warmer spring/summer months and is most commonly worn alongside a hooded sweatshirt. The stylish design continues to the chest area where the typical Moncler felt badge is located.

This jacket is in great condition.

Further details:

Extra lightweight nylon vest with direct injection down
Coil zipper front
Pocket zip closure
Felt Moncler logo
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